About me


My name is Alexandra España and I’m  an illustrator based in Terrassa, a city very closed to Barcelona.
Since I was a child I spent hours and hours drawing, it has always been my passion, although what I really wanted was to be an astronaut! The illustration would leave it for my free time in space 😉
Over the years, I changed my opinion and ended up dedicating myself to what I like best: to illustrate! Of course, without forgetting my frustrated childish dream … that is why in my portfolio you will find many references to space.

I love history, especially contemporary history. And I’m interested in everything related to the social and political sphere. In fact, I think there’s nothing I’m not interested in…

So if you have any idea or proposal and you want to count on me, do not hesitate to contact me!


I’ll be happy to hear you.

Alexandra España Illustration © The use of any of the images without the consent of the author is totally prohibited